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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trolls On Social Media


Lately troll has appeared to be an internet manifestation of everyday sadism. Troll refers to an internet slang, a term used to describe any internet user behaviour that is meant to intentionally anger or frustrate someone else or people who commonly lurk on message boards and post offensive material on online communities such as forums, chat rooms or blogs to get a rise out of people, though not to be confused with cyber bullying.

Having to interview a few people I noticed that a lot of students are trolls which is something I wasn’t aware of and of course for a variety of reasons for instance boredom, to impress others of a similar mind-set, having a malicious intent towards someone, the desire to start a heated argument or simply because they can and they feel good about it. 

Few university students admitted that they troll especially on Facebook pages like the UJ’s confession page and reason being they feel that people post unnecessary statuses or the dumbest, therefore they are entitled to their own opinions. Sometimes they create anonymous Facebook accounts to get back on their friends or just to do it for entertainment and also confessed that they troll celebrities or even brands and obviously they have encountered situations where they would get threats from people rather their friends who claimed to beat them up.

Though sometimes it appears to be a need for attention, a craving that will accept any kind of attention whether positive or negative as long as that person is at a centre of it but there are potentially serious consequences to being out dated as a troll like ranging from mere social stigma and job losses and there are cases where some people have been arrested for weeks just because of trolling or cases where people have been reported and their accounts were deleted for good.

Of course we could simply refuse to understand such behaviour and even avoid it but it seems better to face the problem head on so the best way to avoid trolls is keep your sense of humour, you may be able to joke them out of their misbehaving or ignore them period.  

Article by +Molly Dimpho 
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Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Fascinating Tools For Social Media

Is a site that was launched in December 2004. It’s a site whereby users can submit links and vote the stories that they link up or down and comment, Digg lets users discover and share content. As today’s world is all about networking therefore it lets users add other users so that you can be able to contact them directly and view their profiles and be active whenever they want. The other great thing about Digg is that if you own a website, you can add URL of website on Digg so that everyone in your list gets to know about it and it is also easy to find information if you are part of Digg because there are a variety of categories available such as fashion, technology and drives a lot of traffic to your blog post and gets to the main page. This can also happen a lot when you Digg a few of your post every on one occasion regularly to get the traffic coming on your site. Digg also allows users to connect your profile to other social networking sites and allows users to get recognition and praise, after you have submitted your content on Digg; other visitors read your submission and Digg it if they like it best.  To explore Digg you can check out the website: www.digg.com

One of the biggest social networks in the world. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard University students. Facebook is an online social network service that has a lot of benefits, like now it allows at least anyone who claims is 13 years of age to become a registered user. It allows users to create a personal profile, add other friends, exchange messages and receive automatic notifications when users update their profile. It helps users to make friends easily and renewing old ones. It is a social network that has helped a lot of students to create a positive self-image and not only that but a chance to create image of themselves that they want people to see by putting the best qualities out there. Even though Facebook is a public site but it also allows users to quickly exchange information privately via inbox. It offers a number of benefits to marketing professionals and small business owners alike because its massive user base, it gives marketers a limitless audience for messages and entitles business users to target message delivery using a variety of demographic information. To create a personal Facebook account can visit: www.facebook.com

Flickr was launched in 2004 and three years later it claimed to hold in excess of 2 billion images. Flickr is a popular image and video sharing social network, users upload and store their media online and with others. What’s really nice about Flickr is the ability to tag images, marking favourites and the introduction of the Interestingness feature- where Flickr ranks images by identifying where the click- troughs are coming from, who comments on the images and how often they are marked as a favourite. Now that Flickr Creative Commons is available users can use Flickr advanced search by browsing photos that are specifically made available by the Creative Commons License, allowing you to use them with attribution to blog post etc. And not everyone is a copywriter lawyer therefore Creative Commons have made it quick and easy for content creators to mark how they are happy for users to reuse their content, while retaining full copy write ownership of their work. Using the license generator, content creators can simply answer a few questions- such as whether they will allow users to make commercial use of their work and easily identify the appropriate license. To check out this site you can visit: www.flickr.com/creativecommons    

Is the easiest and most convenient social media management app for social networkers, independent professionals, journalists, bloggers and small or medium businesses. Time is the most valuable thing and it’s  like no one ever seems to have enough time therefore Everypost saves time by allowing users to publish content to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and even Dropbox effectively. The most interesting thing about Everypost is that users can publish their own videos from you tube, music from Grooveshark and all of this content can be backed up to Dropbox. It is solely mobile meaning users can access it from their mobile phones and it is offered for free for Apple and Android devices. Everypost provides a function that allows a post without the 140 characters restriction and include features like: Post text, photos and videos, photo quality settings, trending topics #hashtags, sort your preferred channel and content professionals. Social markets can use Everypost to publish their content to every social media. Every post helps to automate the use of social media, which in turn it will distribute content more widely in the long run and helps to reach a broader audience. For more information visit: www.everypost.me         

Is a free aggregator that tracks user generated content or real time media-search analysis that indicates if mentions are positive, negative or neutral. It gives an overall at how your company is being talked in social media not only that but it analyses over 100+ different social media streams based on the search parameters specified by the user. Social Mention returns analysis such as sentiment surrounding the content, the strength of the content (how many mentions your search received in the past 24 hours out of all possible mentions), the passion surrounding the content (a rating based on how many people are talking about your brand) and it uses a basic-search everything meaning that the page offers advanced searching which allows users to refine their search to exact phrases with specific source types and geo-tagged information. Social Mention also provides alert messages, current trend information, tools and widgets which allows you to integrate Social Mention into your own account. To find out more about Social Mention visit: www.socialmention.com

Article by +Molly Dimpho 
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